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Dick Duff's safe, secure financial strategies will ensure the best retirement lifestyle for you and your loved ones, especially in times of economic upheaval. With more than 40 years of experience in financial planning, Dick Duff is a masterful tutor who makes even the most sophisticated retirement planning instruments easy to grasp, and even easier to use.
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The mission of RETIREMENT BREAKTHROUGH PLUS is to provide support and hands-on guidance for implementing the retirement income concepts of Retirement Breakthrough. Everyone has a different learning style, and we have created a full spectrum of programs for helping people realize their dreams and income security through their retirement years.

Caryl T. Lenahan brings 33 years of financial and personal success advising to make this complement to Retirement Breakthrough a meaningful part of your retirement planning process.
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Searching for a safe, sane, proven way to secure your retirement

Look no further than the book Retirement Breakthrough. This easy-to-follow, comprehensive primer is packed with financial wisdom relevant for today's turbulent times. This book delivers the key information that will help you breakthrough to a world of financial possibilities—all within your grasp.

Relying on more than forty years of experience as a financial consultant, Dick Duff explains how anyone can use sophisticated financial planning concepts usually reserved for America's wealthiest. These techniques will help guarantee that your retirement income comes on time and all the time. Duff explains:

  • How to determine how much income you'll need in retirement
  • How to withdraw money from your life insurance policies
  • How to use annuities to optimize your retirement income
  • How to make maximum use of assets you already have, such as IRAs and your home
  • How to protect your assets and income from unwanted claimants and unnecessary taxes

If the idea of annuities, IRAs, and retirement intimidate you, let this book be your income bible. Retirement Breakthrough can help you build peace of mind that will last a lifetime.

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